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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Nick Bias - Six Rounds (Official Album Stream)

Nick Bias - Six Rounds (Official Album Stream)

 Official Event Page
Here is the link
to the full album stream 11/25 at 7pm est

The Nick Bias era has begun!

Who is Nick Bias?

It's MASSacre's newest group made up of producer iLLa Truth and longtime collaborator and emcee John Sha.

They combine their hidden consciousness to bring you a new perspective on life and Hip Hop. They say things you think but don't want to say. Bias will tackle the topics you don't feel comfortable talking about, from life lessons to arguments that give you a new perspective. Nick Bias packages these unflinching lyrics to raw untouched production.

Their first offering to the Hip Hop culture is entitled Six Rounds, an instant classic. Even with the genius of its simplicity, it does not leave you feeling robbed of content and substance. Six Rounds has the classic production you have come to expect from iLLa Truth, as well as the unique delivery and flawless vocals from John Sha that combine to give the listener something different and refreshing.

Though this may be their debut, it will certainly not be the last time you hear the name Nick Bias.

We will be replaying the album on YouTube again at 8pm

SIX ROUNDS tracklist
1. Starve Em'
2. Bumpy Johnsha
3. K.I.T.H.
4. Make Me
5. Smoke
6. Greatest Season

All lyrics were written and performed by John Sha. 
All songs were Recorded at HalfAcre Studios by iLLa Truth
Mixing and Mastering by iLLa Truth
Art Work by John Sha

Friday, November 23, 2018

Nick Bias - SMOKE - Massacre Music Group

Nick Bias - SMOKE - Massacre Music Group

This is the debut single SMOKE off "Six Rounds" by Nick Bias a brand new group from the North East! (NYC and Central Mass)

Nick Bias is made up of the consciousness and the hidden personalities of John Sha and iLLa Truth from MASSacre Music Group.

Nick Bias is made up of you and me, He is the thought in the back of your head every time you want to show your real feelings or say your real thoughts but can not!! Nick Bias is that thought in the back of your head when you want to chew and screw because of bad service. He is the burning sensation in your frontal lobe when someone smudges your Puma and you want to throat punch them.

The song was written and recorded in 8 hours.
All lyrics were written and performed by John Sha.
All songs were Recorded at HalfAcre Studios by iLLa Truth
Mixing and Mastering by iLLa Truth
Art Work by John Sha

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Dusty is an instrumental Hip Hop album by iLLa Truth of MASSacre Music Group. It’s a 17 minute beat tape accompanied by a visual journey through some of the happenings of 2010. All of the music was originally produced in 2010. I remixed and mastered all of it and added audio clips from news stories and commercials from 2010. All the video clips are also from then as well. All this music was turned down or recorded to and never released or shelved by me for some unknown reason. From upbeat old school beats to classic slow and low boom bap, vibe out and chill with iLLa Truth while he takes you on a trip.
This is the first volume of Dusty a collection of unreleased, unheard and unfuckwitable instrumentals from iLLa Truth.

You can enjoy the visual beattape at -

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Jazzscapez - People All Around - MASSacre Music Group


"People All Around"

This is a record we made in the very beginning at the original HalfAcre Studios at Willow Loft in Fitchburg Ma. (right off main st) This was probably the second song we recorded together. He did the beat on an MPC1000 I believe and obviously rapped as well. The vocal booth was in the room next door to the studio..... The bathroom.... the mic was in the shower (Outkast cribs episode gave me the idea.) The mic was a broken radioshack mic i jacked from work. We made it work though.....
Enjoy this record we made waaaaaayyyy back in 2010ish

--iLLa Truth

RIP Jazzscapez

(aka Steez, Aka Ph-ill-osophy, aka Kill Logik, aka Mr. kill your family and meditate at all their graves)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Time & Lepp - Wings Flexed -Official Video- (prod.iLLa Truth) - MASSacre...

WINGS FLEXED - Time & Lepp

Time and Lepp's Official Music Video for Wings Flexed off of the album MISadventures. 
-Shot by: Kyle Reardon and Andrew Sevigny for Midas Pictures. 
-Song and video recorded for MASSacre Music Group 
-Music produced by: iLLa Truth. 

-video shot and edited by Midas Pictures.

Available off the upcoming album MISadventures (7/6/2016)

Friday, July 1, 2016

Verbal Vizion - Precipitous Prose (VISUAL) - (Prod. iLLa Truth) - MASSac...

Check out the visual version of the new record. 

Because who want to listen to music when you can see it!!  
 Verbal Vizion is Death Over Simplicity and Ghost of the Machine. Listen to Ghost and DOS paint a picture with words as iLLa Truth laces you with dark and turbulent production. 

Give Precipitous Prose a chance you may like how it turns out.

This record can be found on the upcoming album MISadventures from MASSacre Music Group

Verbal Vizion - Precipitous Prose (Prod. ILLa Truth)